Knowledge Sharing Circle


Just a brief update – taking our cue from the Open Library at Occupy Toronto – our current plan is to host a knowledge sharing circle about the Occupy movement here at the Scott Library. Recognizing that people are curious about what it is all about, and that this a great pedagogical opportunity to occupy their curiosity… we’ll invite York people who have been to the occupation to come and talk about what they saw there, why they think it’s important (or not), etc. Very casual, probably held in the collaboratory.  The library tie in is pretty obvious:  knowledge sharing, social engagement of students in particular, York’s social justice focus… perhaps we were overthinking it in the previous post. Or not… the issues raised there will hopefully surface in the knowledge sharing circle.

So, next we have to figure out how to advertise it and who to get out! Excited!

Also stay tuned for our next post on “radical irrelevancy” as professional praxis in librarianship.


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