Lisa Sloniowski has taught information literacy as a professional librarian since 2000 and was the Information Literacy Program Coordinator at the University of Windsor from 2002-2005 and at York University from 2005-2009. She is the principal author of York’s Information Literacy Manifesto. She has presented at numerous conferences on information literacy. Lisa also co-organized Canada’s national annual information literacy conference (WILU) 3 times. Lisa is currently the liaison librarian for English literature at York University. She is also the co-founder and co-investigator on the Feminist Pornography Archive and Research Project (with  Dr. Bobby Noble, principal investigator), a project which, in 2011, won a large 3 year standard research grant  from Canada’s Social Science and Humanities Research Council — the largest funding agency for social sciences and humanities research in Canada.

Patti Ryan is the liaison librarian for political science at York University. Since her appointment at York in 2000, Patti has been involved in the delivery and the implementation of the information literacy program at York.  To date, her research interests have focused heavily on feminist and critical pedagogy, and the socio-political dimensions of information literacy.    In her work related to Information Literacy, Patti has been a presenter at the annual Worskhop on Instruction in Library Use (WILU), and the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) conference on the topic of critical pedagogy and the library and information science curriculum.  She spends a lot of her spare time thinking about how to find enough time to implement good ideas.


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