Ok, so having summed up where we’ve been in the last 7 or 8 months on this project, this next post will begin to chart our possible work for the coming year. As ever, this is a drafty, provisional list – a temporary snapshot of current thinking.

When we began over a year ago, we really thought this project would be primarily about drop in workshops organized around political issues and actions which offered some information literacy alongside and/or integrated into the conversation. We wondered how to include cultural programming as well… maybe exhibits, readings, displays. Since then, we’ve decided to expand our understanding to include various kinds of outreach and solidarity building, having recognized that we are slowly assembling networks and building relationships with faculty and students on campus in ways that are new to us and information literacy can happen in a number of venues. So here’s a list of some projects we’re involved in this year. We’re not writing anything this year, or planning conference presentations, wanting to focus on exploratory praxis and building solidarity on campus for awhile.

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