This project was born out of  shared desire by the authors to think collaboratively and creatively about how libraries and librarians can counter the hegemonic practices of knowledge production in higher education through drop-in programming and outreach that makes critical sociopolitical interventions at particular historical moments.  We see such interventions, which can exist both within and beyond traditional Information Literacy paradigms, as critical opportunities for advocacy for librarians and libraries.  We posit that such advocacy is also, and necessarily, an act of radical pedagogical praxis in its intentional prioritization of democratic values and the public historical record over the corporate bottom line and the commodification of information.

We envision this site as a forum to exchange ideas for developing drop in-programming and outreach that resist the dominant discourse, but also, to explore theoretical frameworks for understanding the value and implications of adopting a radical pedagogical praxis in academic libraries.

We welcome comments and feedback.


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